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Scene 1 - The Marketplace
Street cries      -----Market Sellers 1 - 6.
Thatís the fruit Jongleurs      -----Market Sellers, Chorus
If I were a man (Recitative)      -----Jongleurs, Heloise
Iím a girl, curious      -----Heloise
Here are students      -----Berengar, John, Guido, Geoffrey, Chorus
Words      -----Berengar, John, Guido, Geoffrey, Abelard, Heloise
Here are students      -----Reprise
So, who are you?      -----Abelard, Heloise
I have seen (Recit)      -----Abelard
Hereís the fruit      -----Alberic, Heloise
Itís set master      -----Drogo, Abelard
Look from lashes      -----Chorus
Enough, Heloise      -----Hirsinde, Heloise
Vintage vino      -----Three Jolly Monks

Scene 2 - The dinner at Fulbertís house
Now be polite (Recit)      -----Fulbert
You should hear her      -----Fulbert, Abelard, Hirsinde, Heloise

Scene 3 - Drogo is in the street, knocking on Mariaís door.
Open Maria      -----Drogo, Maria
Raise the flare      -----Alberic, Drogo
Bright stars      -----Alberic

Scene 4 - The dinner at Fulbertís house
If I didnít know better      -----Fulbert, Heloise, Abelard, Hirsinde, Three Jolly Monks

Scene 5 - The street
Maria, Iíve got it      -----Drogo, Maria

Scene 6 - Heloiseí bedroom
So thatís the man      -----Hirsinde
See how my hands quiver      -----Heloise

Scene 7 - Abelardís bedroom.
Master! Please forgive me (Recit)      -----Heloise, Abelard
Tell me then is it a sin      -----Heloise, Abelard

Scene 8 - A lecture room
Am I late      -----Berenger, John, Guido. Geoffrey

Scene 9 - Abelardís bedroom
I canít believe      -----Abelard, Heloise
Do you call that academic?      -----Fulbert, Heloise

Scene 10 - The markets.
Spring has come      -----Drogo, Maria

Scene 11 - A desolate square at night.
I am sure      -----Abelard
Whatís that moving in the shadows      -----Abelard, Heloise

Scene 12 - St Aignanís Chapel.
Deep in the eyes of the virgin      -----Chorus and soloists

END OF ACT 1........


Scene 1 - The square of the Canons.
Gone      -----Fulbert, Drogo, Alberic

Scene 2 - Abelardís bedroom just before dawn.

Scene 3 - A river with a bridge.
Now our Abbotís gone away      -----Three Jolly Monks & Washerwoman.
(Vintage vino reprise)

Scene 4 - Abelardís bedroom.
There is one thing      -----Heloise
I have nothing here      -----Abelard, Heloise

Scene 5 - A street.
Quickly hide me      -----Drogo, Maria, Guards

Scene 6 - Profession Scene. A Church.
Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison      -----Chorus
Become the Bride of Christ      -----Abelard, Heloise, Alberic
You are his Bride      -----Abelard, Heloise

Scene 7 - Interlude. Abelard & Heloise adjust to their new profession.
Vocalise      -----Hirsinde

Scene 8 - A street before the Cathedral
Even though heís now an abbot      -----Berengar, John, Guido, Geoffrey, Abelard, Townsfolk
I gave myself to human loving      -----Abelard
Your book is all your love can offer      -----Chorus

Scene 9 - The Cathedral.
This trial      -----Abelard
You stand charged here      -----Alberic
Burn your book now      -----Chorus

Scene 10 - Heloise in her study.
You write that you live in mortal danger      -----Heloise
There is one thing      -----Heloise
You are his bride      -----Chorus
But touch me, touch me      ----Heloise
The candleís still burning      -----Duet
One day we made love      -----Chorus
You will never be dead to me      -----Heloise